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No kitchen, café or bar is complete without a kettle. Having the ability to quickly and easily boil water is an essential part of beverage making and food service. We stock an exceptional range of kettles from all the leading brands in the business. Our kettles are made using only the best quality materials and are designed to be as efficient as possible, helping you to keep both bills and electricity consumption down in the kitchen – always good for business.

Commercial kettles are designed to heat large volumes of water quickly and efficiently. These handy plug-in designs are manually filled to the correct levels, usually with easy to use volume markings on the side, so you don’t have to fill the kettle any more than is necessary.

Our kettles come in a range of design styles and colours. From white plastic to stainless steel, choose a kettle that suits both your hot water needs and design style. Various volumes are also available, according to how much hot water you require, with quick boil options a good idea for busy periods. You can use kettles to make hot drinks such as tea and coffee as well as for heating water to boil pasta, vegetables and for other cooking methods in the kitchen. It’s faster and safer than boiling water in a pan on the hob.

However, if you need even more hot water on a consistent basis, then why not check out our range of water boilers? These are available in both manual fill and automatic fill options, and are ideal for staff rooms, canteens and other areas where people need hot drinks round the clock. For more specific hot water needs, check out our selection of coffee and espresso machines. Make premium quality coffee time after time, with all the necessary accessories also available in our range.

The kettle is a simple design but one that has hundreds of uses across the kitchens. The important thing is that you can rely on your kettle to boil every time you need it during busy periods, safely and efficiently. Check out our comprehensive range of kettles, designed to meet your various needs in the kitchen, or browse our other hot water options to see if another design might be more suitable.
Caterlite Cordless Jug Kettle 1.7Ltr
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Caterlite Stainless Steel Kettle 3.5Ltr
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Dualit Cordless Jug Kettle 1.5Ltr Black 72010
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Brand: Dualit Model: URO DA502
2.3kW. Capacity: 1.5Ltr..
£88.19 Ex VAT £105.83 Inc VAT
Dualit Cordless Kettle 1Ltr 72200
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Brand: Dualit Model: URO CE339
1 Ltr Capacity..
£75.59 Ex VAT £90.71 Inc VAT
Stainless Steel Kettle 500ml
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Brand: Emberton Model: URO CL111
Capacity: 500ml..
£46.77 Ex VAT £56.12 Inc VAT
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