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Brandy glasses, also known as snifters, balloon glasses or cognac glasses, have a very distinctive design. They have a short stem and a wide bottom which closes to a relatively narrow top. The wide base is there to allow for swirling to unleash the flavour and aroma of the drink. These then get trapped at the narrow top to enhance the drinking experience. The large rounded bottom also makes it easier to cup the glass in your hand for swirling without spilling (another reason for a more closed top section).

You can hold the brandy glass in your hand for the duration of your drink and the warmth will slowly transfer to the liquid in the glass, releasing more aroma and taste. Of course, within these parameters of design there is a lot of scope for detail and innovation. So, you can get brandy glasses with a more traditional design and others with a more modern interpretation, but the fundamental principles remain the same.

Like most of our glassware selection, our brandy glasses come in a range of different sizes and are available from all the leading brand names. This means you can stock your bar with brandy glasses for small and large measures, and even use the balloons for other drinks such as barley wines, strong beers and others that benefit from releasing aromas.

Brandy drinkers tend to be very particular about how their drinks are served, so it’s a good idea to have a small selection in the bar so that you can match the drink to the glass. As well as brandy glasses, we also serve pourers and measures to help you provide a clean and accurate brandy service to your customers. Check out our selection of brandy glasses and accessories, and stock your bar with everything you need to cover all bases.

As well as brandy glasses, we also stock a big selection of whisky glasses and tumblers, hi ball glasses and a range of classic cocktail designs. Whatever your glassware needs, we’ve got it covered and we’re always adding new designs to our stock.
Brand: Arcoroc Model: URO DP093
5.525oz / 150ml. Pack quantity: 12...
£34.50 Ex VAT £41.40 Inc VAT
Brand: Arcoroc Model: URO DP094
8.25oz / 250ml. Pack quantity: 6...
£21.96 Ex VAT £26.35 Inc VAT
Brand: Arcoroc Model: URO DP095
14.5oz / 410ml. Pack quantity: 6...
£23.52 Ex VAT £28.22 Inc VAT
Brand: Maison Forine Model: IG G012440
Maison Forine is high quality Bohemia crystal specifically suited for hospitality outlets. Manufactured in Titanium ( lead free ) crystal glass which makes the glassware tough abrasion and shatter resistant and produces a crystal clear appearance with a brilliant shine. During the production the ste..
£10.44 Ex VAT £12.53 Inc VAT
Olympia Bar Collection Crystal Brandy Glasses 400ml (Pack of 6)
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