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A gastronorm is the word widely used in professional kitchens for the system of using steel or plastic containers to maximise the capacity of your fridge or freezer, ensuring that no space is left unused.

Gastronorms were originally invented in Switzerland but quickly spread around the world as a useful storage system for ingredients in and around the kitchen. Gastronorms are commonly made from steel or plastic, but toughened glass and disposable foil are also widely used. There are also perforated gastronorms which can be used to steam vegetables or other ingredients.

Gastronorm is, strictly speaking, the term used for the measurements that these various dishes come in, which have been standardised to fit most commercial fridges and freezers, as well as service trolleys and stacking racks. They can also be used to fit into self-service units, over warming plates and in other useful spots around the kitchen and dining environment. So, you should view gastronorms as a complete kitchen prep, storage and service system that makes your operation more efficient.

The full size gastronorm is known as the 1/1 and measures 53cm by 32.5cm. Other size gastronorms come in various fractions of this standard size, so you can get gastronorms in 2/1, 2/3, ½, ¼ and more. They are also available in different depths, ranging from 1cm to 20cm, so you need to take this into account when measuring your oven, fridge and service units.

The uniform gastronorm sizes are used by manufacturers to create appliances that can be used in conjunction with the gastronorm system. That means you can create a complete kitchen service system using these items.

We stock gastronorms of all sizes and depths, in a range of different materials. So, if you’re looking for a more practical and efficient kitchen prep system, then this could be the right choice for you. Optimise your kitchen capacity, make prep easy and more efficient and reduce waste – these are all things that make your kitchen run better and help you to produce food that your customers will love.

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