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Kitchenware, Knives and Accessories

If you run a professional kitchen or cater for large numbers of people on a daily basis, whether in a canteen or lunchroom, then you know how important good quality and suitable kitchenware can be. Everything from knives to cookware needs to be durable, high quality and of sufficient size to streamline the food preparation process.

That’s why here at Crown Supplies we’ve scoured the market to bring you only the most practical and popular range of catering and cooking products. We’ve tested all of our items to make sure they offer optimum performance because we know that professionals need the very best tools to be able to produce the very best food. We only stock the finest kitchen knives made from first-rate materials. That’s because we know that chefs and KPs need knives that cut cleanly and safely every time they’re used. Investing in knives that stay sharp for longer and have comfortable and good-quality grips also helps to make the kitchen run smoother.

Chefs know that making great food is always easier if you have the best quality cookware. Saucepans, frying pans and specialist pans such as woks and paella pans need to be of a high standard, made from conductive materials and easy to clean after an intense day in the kitchen. That’s why we stock everything from cast iron to copper cookware, with suitable pots and pans in all shapes and sizes for every type of commercial or professional kitchen.

We also have a good selection of utensils, to make every kitchen task that little bit easier. Use colour-coded chopping boards to make sure that your kitchen stays safe and hygienic, with specialist food thermometers to makes sure that nothing leaves the kitchen that isn’t properly cooked and that no risks are ever taken when it comes to customers’ safety.

One of the most important items in any kitchen is a good set of chef’s knives and is often one of the first things a chef is gifted when they start out in the industry. We stock only the best names in the business, so you can be sure that you’re getting top-quality knives that will stay sharp and span your career as a chef.

Our pastry and baking section is also comprehensive, so you can prepare high-quality food in the oven no matter at what scale you’re cooking. There’s a large choice of food storage options for keeping food fresh and safely stored both in and out of the fridge and freezer. From stainless steel and plastic storage boxes to trolleys and storage units, we have solutions that work in any kind of kitchen.

Whether you’re fitting out a new kitchen with catering equipment and cookware, or need some new kitchenware and knives to give your kitchen and cooking a boost, we’ve got everything you need right here. We’re always adding new products to our store too, so look out for the newest and best developments in food preparation hitting our shelves just as soon as we see them. We only stock the best professional quality kitchen equipment. In a professional environment we know that the quality of your kitchenware and knives can be reflected in the food you send out and the reputation you build.

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