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Food Storage

Not only is sensible, hygienic and well-organised food storage a good idea, it is also required by law in commercial kitchen environments. Using the correct food storage systems in your kitchen, for frozen, chilled and dry ingredients, also helps to prolong their lifespan, keeping them fresher for longer.

As well as keeping ingredients in the right conditions for better-tasting food, food storage options from our range also help to save space in your fridges, freezers and ingredients stores.

Storing food in the correct way also helps to cut down on waste. Whether it’s raw meat, fish, vegetables or even dry herbs and spices, keeping air and moisture away from them means they stay fresh for longer and less ends up in the food waste or compost bins. So, even a small investment in your food storage options can help to boost profits in the long run.

The basics of kitchen and food storage revolves around a few key areas. These include heated food storage, large volume storage, fresh storage, food bins and freezer tubs – amongst others. Food storage options also come in a range of materials, include plastic tubs and pots, glass jars and metal tins. All can be sealed to protect ingredients over long periods.

Clear plastic food storage tubs provide an easy to use storage system where you can identify ingredients at all times, with tubs available in a range of sizes and shapes for all suitable spaces. Prevent food drying out, prevent air getting to sensitive ingredients and keep dry ingredients away from moisture – different foods require different storage needs.

Browse our selection of stainless steel and plastic gastronorms, food containers, dry food storage bins, insulated transport, preserving jars and food bags. No matter how big or small your business, good food storage options can make a really big difference to the way you operate in the kitchen.

Whatever your food storage needs, we can help you to reduce waste, comply with regulation and maximise profits. Plus, we stock all the labels, clips and colour-coding tools you need to help you organise your storage options.
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