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Beer glasses come in all shapes and sizes, from large pint glasses to small taster glasses, to help your customers enjoy a delicious pint of bitter or a small taster of craft beer. You can serve real ale in old-fashioned tankard glasses or beer mugs, or choose stackable glasses for a space-saving option behind the bar.

There are many different types of beer out there, with everything from wheat beers to porters and real ales, each benefitting from a different pour and glass type. If you’re expanding your beer range, why not choose a suitable selection of glasses to serve them in for a more memorable customer experience. Or, if you serve some of the big beer brands, why not stock your bar with branded glasses for the perfect pint featuring the beer brands we know and love.

If you need glasses that don’t break for a safer environment, then check out our selection of polycarbonate glasses. Plus, our non-slip trays are also a great way to help prevent spillages and breakages in busy bars.

Our classic conical glasses come in pint and half pint sizes and are made from toughened glass for a safer bar or café setting. These glasses are all safety marked and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Our other toughened glasses come in a range of different shapes and sizes too, including elegant tulips and stackable pints. You can also get pilsner glasses, which are ideal for serving light or Bavarian beers. They display the light golden colour and offer a slender and sleek shape for elegant drinking. Tankards are perfect for serving real and cask ales, with the dimpled tankard giving your beer a retro edge.

With everything from classic pint and half pint glasses, tulips, tankards and toughened glass, whatever you need in your establishment to serve a range of beers, you’ll find it here. Beer drinkers can be very particular about the choice of glass on offer, so it’s a good idea to try and have a selection behind the bar. And with a choice of plastic beer glasses for special occasions and events, you can serve beer in a safely as well as in style.
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