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Coffee plays a big part in many people’s lives. From the first cup of the day giving you a caffeine boost to after dinner coffee, everybody takes theirs in a different way. In a professional hospitality environment such as a hotel, restaurant, café or bar, with so many coffees to prepare for such a large number of people, there can be a lot of pressure on your front of house staff.

Our range of cafetieres and coffee pots lets you prepare premium quality coffee every time, and in large servings. So, you can keep all your customers and guests happy and topped up morning, noon and night. Our range of ceramic beverage pots and stainless steel coffee pots are perfect for table service when delivering piping hot drinks is essential. With a variety of different sizes and design styles, you can find a cafetiere or coffee pot to suit your customers.

Cafetieres, also known as French Presses, come in sizes of two cups up to 20, so you can offer quality coffee to large parties in one go. This is ideal for dinner services, corporate events like conferences and seminars as well as smaller meetings. Choose a retro design or a bright colour for your contemporary design style.

Cafetieres are really easy to operate. They work by allowing coffee to brew without boiling or being exposed to pressure. The coffee granules gradually infuse with the water to produce a rich coffee, giving you greater control over its strength. That’s why they are used in hotels, as well as in cafés and restaurants all over the world. They are very easy to use and can be left to do their work without too much fuss from your waiting staff.

To use, simply remove the lid and plunger unit and preheat with boiling water. Then add coffee, grinding the beans into a medium coarseness and emptying into the base. The ratio is about 70 grams per litre of water. Add water that is just below boiling point, then replace the lid and wait for the coffee to brew. When you are happy with the colour and timing, push the plunger down slowly to the bottom and then pour the coffee when ready.

Our coffee pots are also ideal for leaving on tables and in buffet areas, perfect for breakfasts and afternoon teas. All are made of top-quality materials and are of commercial quality. Our range of filter coffee jugs are great for serving multiple cups to large numbers of customers, meaning you can make bulk coffee orders. These are designed to work with filter coffee machines, so you can prepare large orders and keep pots topped up.

As coffee is such a big part of almost any meal, and is something where people really value good quality, it pays to invest in commercial-quality equipment. Check out our selection of cafetieres, coffee pots and jugs and start and finish your customer’s day with a great cup of coffee.

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