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You might know airpots by another name, perhaps catering flasks or thermos pump pots. They’re used to keep water or coffee hot and allow for easy dispensing, often with a lever or button to draw coffee or water from inside. And because they’re portable, they’re ideal for drinks and coffee service or for creating a refreshments station to allow guests to serve themselves.

Airpots are commonly used at buffets, functions and meetings where this self-service option helps deliver a quick drinks service to multiple customers in a short space of time, making it ideal for breaks at conferences and seminars. This is what makes them such a popular hot drink dispensing option for all types of business and corporate events.

The airpot is essentially a vacuum flask that is insulated to keep drinks at the correct temperature for service. They are most commonly used for coffee, tea or simply hot water, as they can keep liquids hot for hours. Plus, because they don’t use electrical power, they can be used more or less anywhere, including reception areas or even outside spaces. Airpots are often used in tandem with drip trays to prevent mess and spillages in the service area. You can also provide racks and service baskets to store tea, sugar and other hot beverage accessories.

As well as being portable and effective, airpots are also a safe way of storing hot liquid. Although they can remain hot to touch for a short period after filling, they don’t spill and you have to release a lever or button to draw out hot liquid. They are typically made from tough and durable material such as stainless steel.

If you have ever used a pump flask or airpot before, then you’ll know they’re really easy to operate. Set the button or lever mechanism to open, then press the two buttons on the spout to release the lid catch. Remove the flow pipe and then fill the airpot with the drink of your choice. Then replace the flow pipe and lid. To withdraw the liquid from inside, simply use the button or pump with a cup placed underneath the spout.

If you run a regular hot drinks service but find that keeping up with orders is putting too much pressure on your waiting or front of house staff, then an airpot is a sensible solution. Give customers what they want – piping hot tea and coffee the way they like it – without having to individually prepare each drink. Making drinks in bulk takes the pressure off service and allows you to maximise your profit margin, or simply lets you deal with larger numbers of customers in the most efficient way possible.

Airpots come in different sizes and dispensing styles to suit all service types and requirements. We’re always adding new products to our range, so be sure to keep checking in with us and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss your specific requirements.
Adhesive Airpot Label - Coffee
1 - 2 Days
Brand: Olympia Model: URO K703
20(H) x 70(W)mm | 3/4 x 2 3/4". Sold Singly..
£1.22 Ex VAT £1.46 Inc VAT
Adhesive Airpot Label - Decaf
1 - 2 Days
Brand: Olympia Model: URO K701
20(H) x 70(W)mm | 3/4 x 2 3/4". Sold Singly..
£1.22 Ex VAT £1.46 Inc VAT
Adhesive Airpot Label - Hot Water
1 - 2 Days
Brand: Olympia Model: URO K705
20(H) x 70(W)mm | 3/4 x 2 3/4". Sold Singly..
£1.22 Ex VAT £1.46 Inc VAT
Adhesive Airpot Label - Tea
1 - 2 Days
Brand: Olympia Model: URO K702
20(H) x 70(W)mm | 3/4 x 2 3/4". Sold Singly..
£1.22 Ex VAT £1.46 Inc VAT
Buffalo Airpot Filter Coffee Maker
Free Delivery
Brand: Buffalo Model: URO CW306
1.9kW. 2.3Ltr Capacity. Auto or Manual Fill..
£403.08 Ex VAT £483.70 Inc VAT
Caterlite Compact Electric Airpot 4Ltr
1 - 2 Days Free Delivery
Olympia Airpot Service Station
1 - 2 Days
Brand: Olympia Model: URO GL070
Connects to GF992 drip tray..
£20.84 Ex VAT £25.01 Inc VAT
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