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Oriental Cookware/Woks

The wok is a round-bottomed cookware vessel that originated in China and is widely used in other parts of Asia. It has become one of the most popular forms of cookware across the world, used to cook all sorts of oriental food in a variety of methods.

Woks have become synonymous with the stir fry, and cooking at high temperatures, but they can also be used to steam, deep fry, poach, boil and stew. The round bottom and high sides make it a very flexible cooking method, and the long handle lets chefs cook at high temperatures without burning their hands.

Even if you run a kitchen that doesn’t cook speciality oriental food, a wok is still a good investment and a useful cooking appliance in a range of situations. Woks come in a range of sizes and are made from a choice of materials. The most common are aluminium, steel and iron. You can also get non-stick woks, two-handled woks, wok lids and wok burners to help you in your oriental cooking.

As well as woks, we also carry a range of other oriental cooking pots and utensils. The karahi dish is a rounded cooking pan with two handles that is popular in some forms of Indian cooking. These are made from wrought iron and used to make curries and other spicy stews.

Bamboo steamers are also popular in oriental cuisine, used to cook everything from rice to vegetables and meats. Bamboo steamers come in several parts, with a lid fastening to allow steam to cook the food within. Again, these are available in a range of different sizes.

We’re always adding to our stock of oriental cookware and woks. If you use any of this equipment to prepare food or are considering branching out to include it in your menu or food service, then we can help you fully equip your kitchen with everything you need to bring a flavour from the east.

Stir fries, deep fried treats, curries, steamed rice – add them all to your menu and prepare them in an authentic way with oriental cookware and woks from our range. Of course, as well as oriental cookware you can also get everything else you need to equip your kitchen, with regular pots and pans sets, specialist cookware, baking trays and sheets, and plenty more. It’s all made using high-quality materials and by the best brand names. Check out our cookware range to see what’s available.
Adventys Induction Wok BWIC 3000
Finance Available Free Delivery
Bourgeat Stainless Steel Tradition Plus Wok
Free Delivery
Brand: Bourgeat Model: URO P481
Size: 350(Ø)mm. Material: Stainless Steel. Induction Compatible..
£103.31 Ex VAT £123.97 Inc VAT
Brand: Kitchen Craft Model: URO K250
Size: 356(Ø)mm. Material: Carbon Steel. Induction Compatible..
£27.54 Ex VAT £33.05 Inc VAT
Lincat Silverlink 600 Wok Induction Hob SLI3W
Finance Available
Brand: Lincat Model: URO GJ640
2.4kW. Single ring..
£1,666.97 Ex VAT £2,000.36 Inc VAT
Brand: London Wok Model: URO GJ493
Size: 305(Ø)mm. Material: Steel..
£17.90 Ex VAT £21.48 Inc VAT
Brand: London Wok Model: URO GJ494
Size: 330(Ø)mm. Material: Steel..
£19.26 Ex VAT £23.11 Inc VAT
Brand: London Wok Model: URO GJ495
Size: 330(Ø)mm. Material: Mild Steel..
£20.67 Ex VAT £24.80 Inc VAT
Brand: London Wok Model: URO GJ496
Size: 356(Ø)mm. Material: Mild Steel..
£22.04 Ex VAT £26.45 Inc VAT
Brand: London Wok Model: URO CT246
Size: 380(Ø)mm. Material: Mild Steel..
£23.40 Ex VAT £28.08 Inc VAT
Vogue Black Iron Wok 200mm
1 - 2 Days
Brand: VOGUE Model: URO GG721
Size: 200(Ø)mm. Material: Blue Steel. Induction Compatible..
£14.97 Ex VAT £17.96 Inc VAT
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