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Combination Ovens

Combination ovens, also known as combi ovens, are the perfect all-rounder in the kitchen. They make baking, roasting, steaming and reheating food easy and straightforward. Designed with a large capacity for professional kitchen needs, the combi oven lets you increase your output and maintain your consistency in the kitchen.

Combination ovens are so called because they offer three main ways of cooking food in one unit. These include pressure-less steam, convection heating or a combination of both. They are very versatile and make a great investment for a professional kitchen for a number of reasons. Although they may cost more than some other conventional ovens, because they do more than one job they are good value for any kitchen. In this way they can lower the overall cost of your equipment as well as saving valuable space in the kitchen.

Also, because they can be set at low temperatures, they can be used as proofers or holding cabinets, or even as a slow cooker. They are designed with very accurate controls, giving your chefs and cooks more control over their food. It also makes them ideal for cooking food that requires a very precise temperature range.

They are especially useful for cooking meat, as they offer control and steam prevents overcooking and the meat drying out. That’s why chefs cooking meat often love to use combis, as it gives them the ability to reproduce their dish time after time. You can also programme the features of the oven to cook for specific time periods, which takes the pressure off during a busy service.

Our comprehensive selection of combination ovens includes models made by the leading names in the business. These are professional-quality ovens used in the best kitchens around the country. If you’re looking for cooking efficiency, greater control and a more cost-effective investment in your kitchen space, then a combination oven is always a good bet. Check out our range to see what’s available. With both electric and gas on offer, plus a choice between touch screen and dials, you can find the right combination for your kitchen.
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