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Are you looking for a high-volume, no nonsense way to fry food in your kitchen? Then check out our range of free-standing and countertop fryers. Frying is a quick, easy and tasty way to cook food but it’s not without its difficulties. It can be messy, needs to be accurately temperature controlled and needs to be done safely. That’s why choosing dedicated fryers for your kitchen is such a good idea.

Our selection of free-standing fryers are designed to fry food quickly and safely. They come with accurate temperature controls so that you can heat oil to specific temperatures and achieve the perfect results every time. Whether you’re cooking large volumes of chips for a busy service or frying fish or veg, our top-quality fryers let you achieve that perfect light crisp that the best fried food can deliver.

When done badly, fried food can be greasy and heavy, and taste of little more than the oil in which it’s been completely drenched. But with our dedicated fryers and the right choice of cooking oil, you can achieve the perfect fry every time. When food is fried properly, you need to maintain the oil at the right temperature. Too hot and the oil will start to smoke, too cold and your food won’t achieve that light crisp.

You also need to remember that every time you add food, the temperature of the oil will drop. So, if you’re cooking in a small pan, it can take an age for the oil to get back up to temperature. However, with our large-capacity fryers, you can cook large amounts of food at any one time.

Complete your professional kitchen with a choice of fryers from our range, all made by the leading manufacturers. In addition to fryers, we also stock a huge selection of gas and electric ranges and ovens, as well as speciality cooking appliances including pizza ovens, rice cookers, pasta boilers, crepe makers and more. In short, if you can find it in a professional kitchen, then you can buy it right here.
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