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Menu and Bill Presenters

It’s not just the content of your menu that catches customers’ eyes when they come through the door. Before they have even perused the dishes and drinks that you’re serving, they are making an assessment about your establishment based on the condition and display of the menus. Very often the menu is the first thing a new customer will see or really focus on, so you need to make sure that you’re taking this opportunity to make a good first impression.

Whether you’re providing a simple tea service or a full à la carte fine dining menu, you need to make sure that your offerings look good and show off your establishment. The way you present your menu can make the difference between a busy service and a quiet one. That’s why you should check out our selection of menu holders, including wooden, stainless steel and elegant leather varieties.

The last thing a potential customer wants is to have to peruse an old, tatty or dirty menu. Rightly or wrongly the way your menus look can reflect the way your food may taste. A well-presented menu or specials card, by contrast, can be one of the best ways to really brag about what you offer.

At the end of the meal, when it comes time to present the bill, you have the chance to make another good impression right before the customer decides how much tip to leave. Deliver your bill on an elegant tip tray or in a stylish leather wallet and you can increase the amount you take in gratuities. Browse our range and you can find the perfect way to present your bill.

Everything you do in your establishment should be measured and considered. Make sure that your menus are kept looking clean and fresh and are presented in the best way possible. Use visible specials boards both inside and outside the establishment to attract attention and use menu holders, tip trays and card wallets that elevate your standard of service. Small details like this can have a big impact, so check out our range to see how you could make a difference and boost your turnover.
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