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Induction Cooking

Induction cooking, often simply known as an induction hob, is a great way of cooking quickly and efficiently in your professional kitchen. Unlike gas or electricity, the innovative use of magnets transfers heat, meaning that no energy is wasted during the cooking process. So, if you have a busy commercial kitchen that requires using large numbers of hobs for long periods, these savings can really start to add up – but the benefits don’t stop there. Induction hobs are also much safer than using gas or electricity, helping to keep staff safe as they work.

It’s not surprising that induction cooking is becoming more and more popular in commercial kitchens and this increased demand has led to an explosion of providers making induction cooking alternatives, as well as a fall in prices. Induction cooking allows you to cook faster, with energy transferred to the pan much more quickly than with traditional gas and electric options.

Induction cooking is also more responsive, allowing chefs greater control over the temperature of their pans. Adjustments are almost immediate, so you can quickly heat up or cool down to reduce the risk of burning. Also, because they use less heat, it helps to reduce the overall temperature in your kitchen, which you will know can get quite unpleasant at times when it’s very busy. Another major benefit is that because induction hobs have no heating elements or burners, they are much easier to clean at the end of the service.

Induction cooking equipment comes in several main forms. Perhaps the most popular is the countertop design, which is generally more suited to big stock pots or pans exposed to heat for long periods. These are compact and can be stored away when not in use. You can also get free-standing induction options, which are used as the main cooking method in the kitchen. Some of these come with an integrated oven for a more complete cooking alternative.

As always, all our induction cooking appliances are made using top-quality materials by the leading brand names in the business. Check out our selection and help to make your kitchen safer, cooler and more energy efficient.
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