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Griddles and Chargrills

If you cook to order in your commercial kitchen then you need appliances that cook quickly and efficiently. In short, you need appliances like griddles and chargrills. These are cooking appliances that offer hot surfaces, letting you cook without too much mess or fuss. They sit at countertop level and can be easily temperature controlled so you can ensure perfect results every time.

Our griddles are available with a range of different cooking surfaces. These include cast iron, chrome or stainless steel plates. Each has its own set of advantages but all are efficient and easy to clean at the end of a busy service. Whether you’re cooking large volumes of bacon or sausages for a big breakfast order or cooking burgers or other dishes to order during lunch or dinner, it’s easy with a griddle.

Another great way of cooking to order but adding an extra element of taste and aesthetics is using a chargrill. Cook succulent meats with the attractive charred lines of the grill using a professional chargrill. Our selection covers everything from small- to large-capacity grills for busy commercial kitchens. Again, all our chargrills are made by leading manufacturers and using the best-quality materials available. Our chargrills are available in both gas and electric versions, giving you the choice of how best to cook your food. Plus, as well as countertop options, we also stock a selection of free-standing units.

You can use our powerful chargrills to cook burgers, steaks and vegetables to perfection. Get that distinctive flame-grilled appearance and taste that only a chargrill can deliver and that customers love. It’s easy with a chargrill.

As well as our comprehensive choice of griddle and chargrills from leading brand names, you can also discover a wide choice of gas and electric ranges and ovens. Plus, we stock other specialised cooking appliances such as pizza ovens, rice cookers and more. So, if you’re looking for a new griddle or chargrill for your kitchen, or any other kind of cooking appliance, check out our range to see some of the best in the business.
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