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Floor Care

A clean floor can make a big difference to the look and feel of a space. Whether it’s an office, a commercial building or a domestic residence, a clean floor can help a space to feel lighter, brighter and more organised.

In order to get a floor looking its best, you need to invest in the right products for the job. Finding the correct gels, polishes, strippers, shampoos and stain removers for your needs will help you to get your floor looking its very best.

The floor care products you need will depend on the size, condition and surface of the floor you need to clean. Each type of floor surface requires its own specific products and processes. While hardwood floors will need cleaning and polishing, carpets will need shampooing and regular stain removal to keep them clean and tidy.

Before purchasing cleaning products for your domestic or commercial property, take a look at the floors in the space. Carefully assessing the different surfaces, and their conditions, will help you to select the right cleaning and maintenance products for the job.

Most floors surfaces require a range of products to keep them in good condition. Hard surfaces often require stripping and polishing to keep them looking their best. In between rounds of polishing, a maintainer can be used to restore shine and protect the surface. This is especially important in areas with heavy foot traffic.

Carpets, however, need shampooing on a regular basis and may also require stain removal treatments every once in a while to keep them looking their best. Deodorisers and fragrances can also be used to make the space feel even fresher.

You can either invest in complementary products from the same manufacturer or mix and match products to suit your needs and create your very own bespoke cleaning solution.

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