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Graters and Slicers

Grating and slicing by hand is a laborious process that takes time – often time you don’t have in the run up to a busy service. Doing it by hand can also produce less consistent results. That’s why our range of graters and slicers use machine power to do the work for you, producing perfect results time and time again.

Meat slicers are the easiest and safest way of cutting meats. They are designed to cut consistently, featuring large adjustable spinning blades and a sliding cartridge to adjust the width of slices. This helps you to accurately cut portion sizes, and in combination with scales means you can get measures exactly right. This helps to cut down on wastage and allows your staff to follow recipes more closely.

If you have ever had to cut large quantities of meat into neat and accurate portion sizes, you’ll know that a meat slicer is a great investment in your kitchen appliances selection. There are several types of meat slicer to choose from. These include the manual slicer, which uses power to spin the cutting blade but manual power to move the cartridge. They are fast and accurate, reducing waste and with built in sharpening devices.

Automatic slicers are very similar, only with a motorised cartridge for even easier slicing. These are very safe and can be programmed to your desired settings. The last type of slicer is the flywheel, which offers precision cutting without the need for electric motors, using only manual power to operate.

Electric cheese and vegetable graters take all the manual effort from grating ingredients, which is very useful in a busy kitchen. As always, all our graters and slicers are made by the biggest names in appliance manufacture, using only the finest quality materials to deliver the best results every time.

If you need some help with your kitchen prep, then investing in slicers and graters could help your kitchen to reduce time, effort and wastage. We also stock a comprehensive range of other food prep appliances, including blenders, mixers and more. Check out the range to see what’s available.

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