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If you’re kitting out your kitchen, store room or food prep areas, then wall tables are an incredibly useful and flexible investment. In a busy kitchen area, where cooks and waiting staff are coming in and out, you need your prep areas to take up as little room as possible, which means having them up against a wall.

This creates a work surface area for chopping and prepping food, as well as a place for storing ingredients and other equipment where it is safe and secure. Wall tables also come with additional under-counter shelves for more storage in safe and secure places. You can use these shelving areas to store dry ingredients, equipment such as pots and pans or storage boxes.

Our wall tables are available in a choice of materials but for kitchen and food areas, one material stands out. Stainless steel wall tables are lightweight but strong and durable. They are also very easy to clean, which is important in a food preparation environment. They don’t stain, mark or scratch and so can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly to prevent bacteria build up.

Stainless steel wall tables are available in a huge range of sizes to help you create a bespoke kitchen prep area. Measure your space and choose wall tables that fit snugly, helping you to maximise your kitchen spaces. They are available with and without upstands (which can be useful for keeping appliances and ingredients on the table surface) as well as with suitable castors for a moving table.

You can also get folding wall tables for when you need additional prep areas for service or a range of other uses. Wall tables are also available with a special chopping board surface for butchery and other prep uses.

As well as standard wall tables, we also stock a range of corner tables that let you make use of otherwise difficult to access areas in the kitchen. Turn that unused corner into another useful prep area or increase table top and shelf storage in small spaces.

The more efficient and safe you can make your kitchen, the smoother service will run and the happier your customers will be. So, check out our range of wall tables to see how you could revolutionise your kitchen space.
Franke Sissons Stainless Steel Wall Table With Upstand 1500x600mm
Finance Available
Franke Sissons Stainless Steel Wall Table With Upstand 1500x650mm
Finance Available
Franke Sissons Stainless Steel Wall Table With Upstand 1800x600mm
Finance Available
Franke Sissons Stainless Steel Wall Table With Upstand 1800x650mm
Finance Available
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