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Chefs Knives

As any chef will tell you, their knives are perhaps the most important piece of equipment they have in the kitchen. Almost every aspect of food preparation and cooking requires chopping, slicing and dicing. In a professional kitchen setting, you need knives that can help your staff to do this quickly, efficiently and safely. That’s why you don’t just need any old knives, you need professional standard chef’s knives that are sharp and stay sharp for long periods.

Our professional quality knife set range is very comprehensive, featuring knives and knife sets from all the leading names in knife manufacture. So, whether you’re looking for a knife set to start your kitchen on the right foot, or need to reinvigorate your prep with a new set of sharp knives, you can find it all in our range.

Our selection of knives features large sets as well as individual knives, with branded options and colour-coded handles for safety and for following food prep guidelines. All our knives are made using the latest blade technology, keeping them sharp even in heavy use professional kitchen environments.

In addition to high-quality chef’s knives, we also stock a range of sharpening tools. These include whetstones, sharpening steels and electric sharpeners. So, when the knives do eventually lose their edge, you can safely restore their cutting power. It’s quick and easy to keep all your knives in good condition, with razor sharp blades for precision chopping and slicing. We also stock chef’s knives blocks and roll bags for storing knives safely when not in use.

Before buying your knife set, it’s worth taking the time to think about what kind of knives you most need in your kitchen. There are two main styles – the European and the Japanese. European knives are generally heavier and designed for use with the more substantial ingredients used in Western cooking. Japanese knives are usually finer and sharper for use with more delicate ingredients.

Blades are either smooth or serrated. With less contact, the serrated blades apply pressure at certain points. This makes them better for cutting food with a harder outside and soft interior. Serrated blades tend to stay sharper for longer but they are more difficult to sharpen than smooth blades.

You should also consider the style of handle, and which style of knives you most need. Some of the most popular knife designs include the chef’s knife or cook’s knife. This is usually the main knife used in any kitchen, designed to perform well over a series of prep tasks. You may also need fillet knifes, boning knifes for butchery, bread knives or carving knives. We have all of these and more in our comprehensive range of chef’s knives.

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