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Fruit and vegetable juices have a huge range of uses in the commercial kitchen. From preparing freshly squeezed orange juice as part of a full breakfast to making sauces and elegant deserts, finding a quick and efficient way to extract juice can be a real time saver.

Our selection of commercial juicers from leading kitchen brands are designed to work with fruits and vegetables of all shapes and sizes. Juice can be squeezed both with and without ‘bits’, depending on your preference, and they will extract as much juice as possible from every ingredient to help reduce wastage and maximise profit.

There are several styles of juicer. The classic design features a rotating juicing nozzle that is ideal for extracting juice from citrus fruit. However, other designs can be used on all kinds of ingredients. The centrifugal juicer is an innovative design that ensures a perfectly smooth juice every time, with minimal wastage. Plus, there are slow press juicers that can crush and juice even ingredients such as spinach and other greens. These are especially useful when preparing healthy smoothies and other superfood-style juices.

As well as specially designed juicers, you can also use blenders to liquify ingredients for use in smoothies, sauces and puddings. Some fruit ingredients, such as raspberries and strawberries can be blended in their entirety, and a powerful blender from our range will help you to achieve the right consistency in seconds.

All of our juicers, blenders and food processors have been designed for use in a professional kitchen. Made using the highest quality ingredients, these are machines that won’t let you down. We know what the demands of a busy service can be like, and that any appliance that can win you some valuable time in the heat of service of prepping is essential. So, if you’ve been spending too much time juicing by hand, invest in a powerful juicing machine to help speed up your prep, streamlining your working methods and allowing you to focus more on other areas of your kitchen.

Check out our range of countertop juicers to see which is the most suitable for your needs.
Santos Automatic Citrus Juicer 10
Finance Available
Brand: Santos Model: URO K273
230W. Output: up to 30Ltr/hr. 1800rpm..
£779.90 Ex VAT £935.88 Inc VAT
Santos Centrifugal Juicer Miracle Edition
Finance Available
Brand: Santos Model: URO GH739
1.3kW. Output: up to 140Ltr/hr. 3000rpm..
£3,514.76 Ex VAT £4,217.71 Inc VAT
Santos Citrus Juicer 52 Chrome
Finance Available
Brand: Santos Model: URO CK691
230W. Output: up to 40Ltr/hr. 1800rpm..
£811.70 Ex VAT £974.04 Inc VAT
Brand: Santos Model: URO K275
130W. Output: up to 30Ltr/hr. Yellow/Green..
£497.12 Ex VAT £596.54 Inc VAT
Brand: Santos Model: URO K276
130W. Output: up to 30Ltr/hr..
£613.30 Ex VAT £735.96 Inc VAT
Santos Cold Press Juicer 65A
Finance Available
Brand: Santos Model: URO CN990
650W. Speed 5-80rpm..
£5,338.30 Ex VAT £6,405.96 Inc VAT
Santos High Output Juicer 50
Finance Available
Brand: Santos Model: URO E073
600W. Output: up to 100Ltr/hr..
£1,723.76 Ex VAT £2,068.51 Inc VAT
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