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Disposable Napkins and Dispensers

Disposable napkins are a must-have for any mobile caterer, party planner, café or takeaway and at Crown Supplies we have a wide range of options in an array of colours, sizes and material. Whether it’s a cocktail bar or fine dining, lunchtime sandwich or evening takeaway, pop-up café or outdoor eating, or a wedding, party or celebration, no event should be without a napkin.

Paper napkins that slot into napkin dispensers and are easily accessible for staff and customers are the ideal choice for many establishments. From small cocktail napkins to larger sandwich or dinner napkins, we supply a range of colours to suit any occasion, as well as eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable options.

From suppliers such as Kraft, Fasana, Dunisoft and Fiesta, our unbleached, compostable napkins are the perfect choice for establishments wanting to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. 100% recyclable, the single-ply napkins are highly functional, folded, soft to touch, strong and absorbent, and a great ‘green’ option for any café, coffee or sandwich shop. Kraft’s compostable dinner napkins are two-ply and are made from unbleached, recyclable paper, reducing any environmental impact. They are thick, absorbent and strong, soft and capable of dealing with any spill.

Standard cocktail napkins are available in single- and two-ply, quarter-folded, and FSC regulated. Crisp, pre-folded and absorbent, these napkins have been produced in an environmentally friendly way and are accredited by the FSC, Nordic Swan and EU Flower Ecolabels, making them a suitable white option for establishments wanting to be greener.

Disposable freshening hand wipes are the ideal solution for a ready-to-use moist wipe for your guests to use after dinner. In small or large handy individually wrapped packs and lemon-scented, these wipes are popular not only in restaurants, but also in takeaways, food markets, barbecues and pop-up cafés.

Make napkins easily accessible with a trendy napkin holder. Available in different sizes and capacities, in stainless steel or durable plastic, dispensers are easy to fill and clean – perfect for cafés, takeaways or outdoor catering, mobile food vans, pop-up food shops and food markets.

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