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Ovens and Ranges

Ovens and ranges are the real workhorses of the professional kitchen. This is the place where all the real cooking magic happens, and with such a high turnover and the pressure of a service, you need to be able to rely on your ovens and ranges to get the job done.

The big decision you have when sourcing ovens and ranges is whether you go for gas or electric. Each has its own definite advantages, and often it comes down to personal preference, cost and the availability of the power sources in your kitchen space.

There is a huge variety available in our gas ovens and ranges section. Whether you’re looking for a big six burning range for a busy commercial kitchen or a smaller gas oven for a bistro space, it’s all here in our selection. All our gas ovens and ranges are suitable for everyday use in busy professional kitchen spaces. They are made by the leading manufacturers in the industry and built to withstand the rigours of professional cooking.

Gas cookers are often preferred because they can give greater control over temperature, especially on the hob. Chef’s like to be able to adjust the flame and heat, allowing them to fine tune their cooking.

Our electric ranges combine both efficiency and convenience – all you need to do is plug in and away you go. They provide more flexibility in the kitchen in terms of location. Electric ovens are also more efficient and help to regulate your costs. Again, all our ovens are made by leading brands, with a guarantee of quality.

In addition to our comprehensive selection of ovens and ranges, we also stock a wide choice of other cooking equipment. This includes microwaves and slow cookers, as well as speciality items such as pizza ovens, stand-alone fryers and more. In fact, there is everything you need to kit out your kitchen to a professional standard.

All our oven equipment is tried and tested by professionals for use in the most demanding environment. If you’re looking to take your kitchen to the next level, then invest in equipment that never lets you down.
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