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Vegetable Preparations

Vegetables form an integral part of almost every menu. Whether you’re running a high-end fine dining restaurant or a small local café, the chances are that you spend a big portion of your time in the kitchen prepping, cooking and serving vegetables. All of which means you need machines and appliances that can help you to cut your vegetable preparations time and become more efficient in your food service.

Luckily, there are many such machines on the market. As well as blenders and food processors, which can liquify, chop, dice, slice and grind vegetables, there is also a range of specifically designed machines for tackling the most labour intensive vegetable prep.

Veg prep machines are powerful professional appliances that can significantly reduce the time you take to chop, slice or dice your veg. They work in a similar way to conventional food processors, with interchangeable discs that perform different prep functions. Simply put the veg into the machine, press the on button and you can achieve in seconds what would take minutes or even hours by hand. What’s more, because the process is automated, you get consistent results with slices and dices of exactly equal sizes and shapes. This is something we know that chefs strive for in the kitchen.

Our selection of vegetable preparations machines are made by the leading names in the culinary appliance industry. Made using only the best materials, these counter top appliances can help to streamline your processes in the kitchen, freeing up valuable time to work on other aspects of your service. They deliver great results, reduce wastage, and can be neatly stored away when not in use to free up space.

As well as conventional veg prep machines, we also stock a choice of more dedicated appliances. These include potato rumblers, which are industrial grade potato peelers. If you’ve ever had to stand for hours on end peeling potatoes, then you know what a time saving device this could be in any kitchen.

Check out our selection of veg prep machines, and also our comprehensive range of other food processors, mixers, blenders and more. All our appliances have been chosen to help you work smarter and faster in the kitchen.
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