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Wine Accessories

Along with beer, wine is probably the best seller in any bar or pub. So, you need to make sure that you have plenty of wine accessories to run a smooth and efficient service for your customers. Wine can be a complicated drink to serve, requiring the right glasses, ice and ice buckets, cork screws and openers, as well as good storage options. It’s not as simple as just opening a bottle and pouring. A lot more thought and preparation needs to go into a good wine service and the more discerning customers will be able to spot a wine that’s been stored, poured and presented properly.

Wine needs to be stored in the right way, depending on what kind it is. In the long term, all wine needs to be stored on its side in racks, away from sunlight and excessive temperatures. That means a good-quality and large capacity wine rack is a good option for any bar. Wine racks can also help you to save space and provide an efficient way of keeping wine within easy reach but out of the way. Racks also help to prevent breakages and loss of stock through accidents.

Closer to service, some wines need to be chilled and stored in wine buckets or chillers. Ice buckets are a great way to present white wine, as well as helping to keep the wine at the optimal drinking temperature. This means your customers can enjoy every drop of their bottle without worrying about their wine warming up, especially if they’re sat by an open fire in their favourite country pub. Our wine buckets are all professional-grade quality and come in a variety of design styles to suit the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

We also stock a selection of stylish and practical champagne buckets. These will help to keep your customers’ champagne ice cold. And when customers are shelling out for a bottle of your finest champagne, they expect it to be served in a certain way. Whether that’s indoors in the warmth of a fire or outside in the sunshine, keeping it cool is critical.

Opening wine is also an essential part of the process, so we stock a choice of corkscrews and bottle openers to take the effort out of opening bottles. In a busy service environment, you need to be able to open and pour wine quickly and without any fuss or fumbling around. Once open, you might need pourers to reduce waste and sealers to keep the wine fresh for future customers.

Of course, the choice of glass is also very important. We stock drinking glasses as well as all kinds of accessories, from wine glass holders to mats and much more. Holders help to keep glasses safe and out of the way, and mats prevent chips and promote better circulation to dry and keep glasses clean.

For all your wine and champagne needs, our extensive range of racks, buckets, openers and glass accessories help you to keep and serve wine in its optimal state. Wine needs to be treated with respect, and with our wine accessories you can make sure it is always served at its very best, keeping your customers happy.
APS Acrylic Wine And Champagne Bucket
1 - 2 Days
Brand: APS Model: URO CF310
Clear acrylic buckets for chilling or displaying wine or champagne bottles. Product features Dimensions 210(H) x 270(W) x 200(D)mm Material Acrylic Supplier Model Number 36052 Weight 0.71kg Handles for easy lifting. ..
£21.98 Ex Tax:£18.32
APS Acrylic Wine And Champagne Bucket Large
1 - 2 Days
Brand: APS Model: URO CC559
Clear acrylic bucket with handles for easy lifting. Product features Dimensions 255(H) x 350(W) x 270(D)mm Material Acrylic Supplier Model Number 36048 Weight 1.35kg Chills or displays up to 3 wine or champagne bottles. Clear acrylic. ..
£39.35 Ex Tax:£32.79
Aps Acrylic Wine And Champagne Cooler
1 - 2 Days
Brand: APS Model: URO C238
Double walled wine bottle chiller - transparent acrylic with a chrome edge. ..
£15.03 Ex Tax:£12.53
APS Black Acrylic Wine And Champagne Bucket
1 - 2 Days
Brand: APS Model: URO CF312
Black acrylic buckets for chilling or displaying wine or champagne bottles. Product features Dimensions 210(H) x 270(W) x 200(D)mm Material Acrylic Supplier Model Number 36053 Weight 0.74kg Handles for easy lifting. Holds up to 2 bottles ..
£25.48 Ex Tax:£21.24
APS Black Acrylic Wine And Champagne Bucket Large
1 - 2 Days
Brand: APS Model: URO CF311
With the capacity to store up to three bottles, this Champagne Bucket comes in a clean black design for a stylish finish. Made from acrylic to allow it to be hardwearing, this item is completed with two carry handles which ensure that you can carry the bottles with ease and without your hands becomi..
£41.67 Ex Tax:£34.72
APS Champagne Bottle Stopper 2pcs
1 - 2 Days
Brand: APS Model: URO DM104
Keeping the fizz alive is the key to ensuring that you can still sell champagne to your customers is something that cannot be done without an item such as the APS champagne bottle stopper. Keeping your sparkling drinks alive is an easy job for this two piece set - the stopper keeps the bottle sealed..
£37.05 Ex Tax:£30.87
APS Champagne Bowl Large
1 - 2 Days Free Delivery
Brand: APS Model: URO U217
Polished stainless steel champagne bowl. Product features Dimensions 240(H) x 370(Ø)mm Material Stainless steel Supplier ModelNumber 36045 Ideal for presenting and chilling bottles of champagne ..
£67.18 Ex Tax:£55.98
APS Hammered Stainless Steel Wine And Champagne Bucket
1 - 2 Days
Brand: APS Model: URO CB883
Hammer finish stainless steel wine bucket with hollow handles. Product features Dimensions 215(H) x 210(Ø)mm Material Stainless steel Supplier Model Number 36026 Weight 0.68kg Hollow handles. ..
£27.78 Ex Tax:£23.15
APS Spare Champagne Stopper
1 - 2 Days
Brand: APS Model: URO DP119
To be used alongside the two-piece Champagne stopper set (DM104), this spare champagne stopper is the perfect item to ensure that your champagne keeps fresh and full of fizz. This particular item air seals the bottle when in use to ensure that no gas escapes, whilst the partnering pump allows some e..
£15.05 Ex Tax:£12.54
APS Wine Bottle Cooler Blue
1 - 2 Days
Brand: APS Model: URO U219
Double walled wine bottle chiller - blue tint acrylic with a chrome edge. Product features Dimensions  Material Acrylic Supplier ModelNumber 36034 Dimensions (mm): 230(H) x 120(Outer Diameter) x 100(Inner Diameter). ..
£15.03 Ex Tax:£12.53
APS Wine Bottle Cooler Copper
1 - 2 Days
Brand: APS Model: URO GE780
Bursting with glamour and charisma, this hammered finish, copper-coated wine bucket from APS certainly makes a statement at the table. Created with a generously sized double walls and coated in a luxurious polished copper, the wine bucket will keep for wine chilled and enjoyable until you finish the..
£30.10 Ex Tax:£25.08
Beaumont 38mm Cane Porous Spile Case QTY 50
7 - 10 Days
Brand: Beaumont Model: BEA 3622
Pack quantity: 50 spilesWeight 0.09 kgPack QTY 50Brand BeaumontProduct Type Cask Taps & Cellar Equipment..
£8.17 Ex Tax:£6.81
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