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Champagne and Prosecco

Wedding party, birthday, new job – all of these are reasons to pop the cork of a bottle of bubbly and celebrate. There is nothing quite like the sparkle and fizz of a bottle of prosecco or champagne to really toast a positive event. However, you do need to have the right glasses to make it a proper celebration.

Champagne and prosecco deserve to be drunk out of simple and elegant flute style glasses. This narrow and tulip shaped glass is a classic design and one that does the drink justice. Unlike other wines, champagne and prosecco don’t need to breathe to enhance the flavour, so they don’t need wide openings and exposure to the air. That’s why flutes have narrow designs and small openings. This limits the air contact and keeps the drink fizzy and sparkling for longer. The bowl at the bottom of the flute is designed to visually highlight the bubbles rising to the top of the glass.

So, whether you’re opening a bottle of prosecco to make the most of a sunny afternoon or popping the cork on an expensive bottle of champagne to celebrate an engagement or wedding, you need to have an assortment of flutes in which to serve the drinks. Your bar, restaurant or café will almost certainly host a celebration at some point, so you need enough champagne and prosecco flutes to cater for everyone wanting to join in the party. Larger events such as weddings and birthday parties will definitely need flutes for the toast section of the evening. Plus, you may also need adequate champagne and prosecco flute storage to keep the glasses safe and secure when not in use.

You can browse our selection of champagne and prosecco flutes, available in a range of design styles from classic to modern. We stock all the major flute suppliers, in all shapes and sizes, suitable for any kind of party. Plus, we’re always adding to our selection to keep our range up to date with the latest trends in glass design, so keep coming back to see what’s in stock.
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