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There are certain drinks that just have to be drunk out of certain glasses. For example, a fine whisky just looks and feels right in a tumbler and a long drink suits a hi ball glass. However, these types of glasses are also multi-purpose. Hi balls can be used to serve anything from soft drinks to fruit juices, and tumblers and rocks glasses can also have a range of purposes in establishments like bars and restaurants.

That’s because these glasses have classic designs and wide versatility for all types of drinks. Hi balls are great for gin and tonics and other mixed drinks, tumblers can be perfect for a lump or two of ice and a spirit. Plus, hi balls and tumblers come in a choice of design styles, from classic straight sided to modern sleek curves. You can also get elegant ridged edge designs or cut crystal for really high-end drinks.

The tumbler is perfect for spirits like whisky because of its wide brim and squat design. This allows the whisky to breathe and swill about, releasing aromas and flavour. Tumblers, or rocks and low-ball glasses as they are also known, are also used for shorter cocktails such as the Old-Fashioned. These shorter drinks would feel slightly awkward and out of place in a hi ball and perfectly suit the squatter design of a tumbler.

Hi ball glasses are perfect for carbonated drinks. They allow the bubbles room to create some fizz and with less of the drink exposed to the air, it holds this carbonation for longer. That’s why they are ideal for drinks such as the gin and tonic, scotch and soda, or any other spirit with a soda or tonic mixer.

A well-stocked bar, café or restaurant should have a wide range of hi balls, tumblers and rocks glasses for making a selection of long and short drinks. They can also be used for soft drinks and cocktails, making them a versatile and essential choice for your establishment. Check out our range to see what’s available.
Arc Broadway Hi Ball Glasses 380ml (Pack Of 24)
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Brand: Arcoroc Model: URO FC279
380ml / 13½oz. Pack Quantity: 24..
£126.36 Ex VAT £151.63 Inc VAT
Arcoroc Disco Lounge Hi Ball Coolers 350ml (Pack Of 24)
Free Delivery
Brand: Arcoroc Model: URO FC276
350ml / 12½oz. Pack Quantity: 24..
£61.04 Ex VAT £73.24 Inc VAT
Arcoroc Edge Hiball Head Booster Beer Glass CE Marked 570ml (Pack Of 24)
Free Delivery
Brand: Arcoroc Model: URO GL152
20oz/570ml. CE Marked. Pack quantity: 24..
£80.93 Ex VAT £97.11 Inc VAT
Arcoroc Granity Hi Ball Glasses 290ml CE Marked (Pack Of 48)
Free Delivery
Brand: Arcoroc Model: URO CJ299
10oz / 280ml. CE Marked. Pack quantity: 48...
£75.24 Ex VAT £90.29 Inc VAT
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