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Whisky is a unique drink and one that deserves to be sipped and savoured. It can be served neat, on the rocks or even fused with a selection of mixers to form long drinks. If you serve whisky on its own or with ice, then it ideally needs to be served from a special whisky glass.

Whisky glasses tend to be short and wide, with a large opening to help you get a nose-full of its aroma to aid the taste. Whisky glasses, also known as tumblers or rocks glasses, can be found in almost every bar around the world. It’s an iconic design and one that really works to enhance the flavour and experience of whisky drinking. However, the whisky glass is not just ideal for drinking straight whisky. It’s also versatile enough to be used for various other short drinks and cocktails.

The classic design involves a thick and heavy base so that the glass is hard to knock over and feels solid in the hand. The sides are usually straight (but can be angled) and the design round (although there are also more square designs available too). The glass can be plain or cut for a more elegant feel in the hand.

As well as a wide selection of classic and modern whisky glasses, we also stock pourers and optics for accurate measures, and other types of whisky-drinking accessories. No bar is complete without a selection of whisky glasses or tumblers, so stock your establishment with items from our extensive range. We aim to stock a choice of styles, suitable for all types of bar, café or restaurant, so if you serve whisky or whisky cocktails, you can find what you are looking for right here.

Whisky takes years to make correctly, so it deserves to be treated with the right level of respect when served and drunk. That means having the right kind of glasses in your service area.
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