The way food is presented and displayed has a major impact on the way your service is perceived by your customers. If you can serve up delicious tasting food, whether that’s on individual plates or as part of a buffet, then you’re at a big advantage. However, if present your food in a dull, outdated or unappealing way and you will undo much of your hard work.

You need to try and keep up to date with the latest food presentation trends. If you can display your food in a stylish and contemporary way, you’ll be much more likely to impress customers and see an upturn in your profitability.

So, what’s new for food display in 2019 and how can you best utilise these trends to your advantage?

Natural materials

Stone, wood and metal are all very much ‘in’. If you’re able to provide a natural backdrop for your food, then you will be bang on trend. Plastic is a hot button topic right now, and there is a general trend to try and cut down on synthetic materials. Wood trays and serving dishes add a natural look to your display.

Interactive displays

Your food display stations don’t have to be static. Encourage your customers to get involved in their food, offering a choice of sides, the chance to carve or cut their own portions or even some information about flavour combinations or how to maximise their meal. Making the experience more memorable will definitely help to boost your takings.

Social media

You might have noticed if you have a social media account of any kind that people like to take pictures of their food. This should present itself as a huge opportunity. If you can create food displays that scream ‘Instagram me’ then you can give yourself a real PR boost.

Try to think creatively, and rather than just serving up food in display trays, add colour and texture, use patterns or dress the tables with other items in order to create a moment that your guests will want to capture and display. You should also think about your backdrop, and how this can influence the food in front of it.


The emphasis of your display should be to keep things fresh. Use baskets to display fresh fruit and veg, earthenware dishes to display sauces and garnishes, and hearty serving dishes for mains. You ideally want your food to look like it’s just been cooked in the kitchen and been brought straight out for service, so try and accentuate the quality of your produce.

Display your food in the right way, using a choice of contemporary methods, and you will hopefully impress your customers and give your business a boost. Here at Crown Supplies, we stock a huge selection of all kinds of food service and display utensils, including bang on trend items, so have a browse through our catalogue to see what’s available, and all at the best possible prices.