Giving your commercial premises a really thorough, deep clean is a great way to shake off the winter blues and get your business ready for summer. If you’re thinking about pulling on the marigolds and giving the space a scrub, take a look at our top ten tips for spring cleaning commercial premises.

1. Carpets and Curtains

When it comes to a spring clean, soft furnishing are all too often overlooked. While carpets are generally vacuumed on a fairly regular basis, most companies don’t deep clean their flooring and even fewer give their curtains the attention they deserve. However, as clean carpets and clean curtains make a huge difference to the look and feel of a space, putting the effort in can pay dividends.

Carpets can easily be cleaned using shampoo. This can be applied manually or using a specialist cleaner. Giving your carpets a thorough shampoo will help to remove stains, smells and ingrained dirt to leave your flooring looking fresh.

If you can remove your curtains, take them off their poles and put them in the wash. If this isn’t an option, you can use upholstery cleaner to remove staining and ingrained dirt. Vacuuming curtains is also a good way to get rid of any dust that’s built up on the surface of the fabric over the winter months.

2. Uniforms

Giving uniforms a deep clean will help to smarten up your staff members and keep your premises looking its best. Ask your team to bring in their uniforms and have them all professionally cleaned. If the uniforms are stained by particularly stubborn marks, or if they’re just looking a little tatty, you could consider investing in brand new uniforms to match your clean, crisp premises.

3. Furniture

If you’re going to get the best results possible from your spring clean, you need to clean every part of the space. Furniture in commercial premises often receives more wear and tear than furniture in domestic settings. This means it needs to be cleaned on a more regular basis. Vacuuming the creases of your furnishings and using upholstery shampoo to remove dust, dirt and staining, should help to return your chairs and sofas to their former glory.

4. Windows

During the winter months, rain and wind can make windows appear drab and dirty. Cleaning the glass in the spring months will help to let the light in and make your office feel brighter and more spacious. If the windows in your premises are difficult to reach, or if you just want to make sure the job is done properly, employ a professional window cleaning company to do the work. Have your windows cleaned inside and out for best possible results.

5. Walls

The walls of a commercial premises often receive a lot of wear and tear. Staff members walking in and out of a kitchen, customers moving around the space and delivery companies bringing produce in and out will all leave their mark on the walls.

Washing and wiping down the walls will remove most of the stains and residue present. If walls are particularly dirty, you could consider repainting the surface to leave it looking good as new.

6. Fridges and Freezers

If you work in catering, keeping your fridges and freezers clean is essential. If you leave old food to rot or mould in your fridge, it could lead to serious health issues and even make your customers ill.

Start by clearing out all the items from your fridges and freezers. This will give you room to work and help you organise your produce. If you come across any items that are looking past their best or any items that are past their sell by date, get rid of them straight away.

Use specialist cleaning products to wipe down the shelves and walls in your fridges and freezers. A mild detergent will remove any residue from the appliances while a disinfectant will leave them clean and germ free.

7. Staff Areas

Staff areas are often overlooked during a spring clean. While they’re not seen by customers and don’t have an impact on the hygiene of your premises, they are still part of your business so should be kept as clean as possible. Vacuuming and shampooing floors, washing curtains, clearing cupboards and wiping down surfaces will help the space feel clean, fresh and ready for the summer.

8. Delivery Areas

Delivery areas generally receive fairly heavy use. This means they get dirty easily and are often difficult to keep clean. If your delivery area is carpeted, you’ll probably need a fairly heavy-duty vacuum to remove ingrained dirt and dust. If you have a laminate, vinyl or other solid surface, you can use detergent and polish to restore it to its former glory.

9. Doors

Doors in a commercial space can be used hundreds of times a day. This leaves them prone to wear and tear. Clean your doors down using soapy water to remove dirt and marks. If necessary, use this opportunity to replace tired or broken door furniture and then finish the job with a good polish.

10. Rubbish Bins

Cleaning the bins, and the areas around the bins, is probably one of the least enjoyable jobs in a commercial space. However, keeping this area clean and tidy is important if you want to keep pests away from your premises and keep the space looking smart.

Before you start the job, pull on some thick protective gloves and some overalls. Once you’re fully kitted up, you’re ready to get stuck in. Remove any loose rubbish from the area, hose down the walls and give the bins themselves a wipe. The more thoroughly you clean this part of your premises now, the easier it will be to keep tidy in the future.

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