Everybody knows the saying – if you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen. However, the problem for professional chefs is that they simply don’t have that choice. Ingredients need prepping and dishes need finishing.

Most chefs are used to the heat generated in a busy kitchen during service, and find that they can easily work even given the hot conditions. But when the summer rolls around and the temperatures outside grow to match those inside the kitchen, things can get even hotter, to the point where it can be difficult to work. That’s when chefs need clothing that is going to keep them cool, at the same time as keeping them safe and secure from all the dangers and risks you find in any professional kitchen.

Here are a few things to think about when choosing your kitchen staff’s warm weather uniform.


In the main, kitchen clothing needs to be made from thick, fire resistant material in order to withstand burns and igniting from open flames. That usually means using natural materials like cottons, which fit the bill as well as being breathable. These kinds of natural materials, as opposed to acrylic and manmade fibres, are also better for ventilation and cause less irritation when the temperatures really start to soar.


Of course, a uniform is also an excellent branding opportunity, especially if you have front of house staff or an open kitchen. But you need to make sure that any branded kitchenware you use also has a summer variant. It’s all well and good using branded kitchenware in the winter, but when your staff need lighter weight summer alternatives, you need to make sure your branded uniforms are suitable.


There are all sorts of new technology and materials on the market that offer both excellent ventilation and protection against the fire and heat risks in a kitchen. Smart meshing, fireproofing and retardant sprays can all help to keep even lightweight clothing safe.


In the summer heat, wearing long sleeves and trousers can feel like a real burden. So, if possible and risk-free, try and accommodate your staff with short sleeve and leg options.


Chef’s hats are often a necessary requirement but you should again make sure that they are made using only the right kind of materials so as to minimise the effects of heat. The same goes for footwear, which needs to protect against risks such as slipping and spillages as well as allow staff to maintain good posture and temperature, even in really hot conditions.

Here at Crown Supplies, we stock a huge range of chef’s clothing for all seasons. So, this summer, help your kitchen staff to keep cool and keep things running smoothly with all the hot weather chef’s gear that you need. From lightweight chef’s jackets to trousers, footwear, headwear and more, it’s all in stock and made by the leading brands in kitchenwear.