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Mixers are one of the most useful and time saving appliances you can have in any kitchen. With a huge variety of uses, mixers come in all shapes in sizes – and suitable for all types of professional kitchen, both big and small. Mixers do all those dirty little jobs that take ages by hand and slow down the food preparation process. Do in seconds or minutes what take minutes or hours and speed up the efficiency and profitability of your commercial kitchen.

Mixers are ideal when you are using large quantities of ingredients, when doing it by hand is just not an option. Make dough, cake mixes and more – simply add the ingredients, flick the switch and off you go. No mess, no fuss, just easy mixing time after time.

There are several main types of food mixers. These include hand mixers, which are perfect for small batches and for mobile kitchens when you need to mix up a quick batch of ingredients. Planetary mixers are larger machines on a semi-industrial scale. These are more suited to kitchens where you are preparing large quantities, sometimes as much a 40 litres in one go.

Lastly, spiral mixers are best suited to bread and pizza doughs, with multiple speed settings for different mixes and a rotating bowl for a gentler mix. Spiral mixers have some of the largest capacities for dough, so they’re ideal if you make large batches every day or on a regular basis.

Other types of popular mixers include hand and cutter mixers, as well as those more suited to a domestic setting. All the mixers in our range are made by the leading brands, and made to the highest possible standards. We know that in a busy prep period, you need to be able to rely on your mixers. You need machines that will never let you down, and when you are mixing large amounts of ingredients, you need some added power to help you get it done on time.

Save time kneading and mixing doughs, knock up perfect cake mixes in minutes, and generally give your kitchen a boost. It’s all available in our range of mixers.
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