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Pizza Cutters

One of the most useful pieces of specialist pizza making equipment, a good-quality pizza cutter can help to speed up production in your kitchen and give you consistent results every time.

As these hardworking utensils are often used heavily over the course of a service, investing in good-quality pizza cutters is essential. If your pizza cutters are sharp, strong and easy to use, your team of chefs will be able to slice and dice their pies quickly and evenly, speeding up your service and giving your customers a great dining experience.

Although all pizza cutters work in broadly the same way, their design and usability can vary significantly. As it’s likely that your team will be using their pizza cutters on a regular basis throughout your lunch or dinner service, it’s a good idea to invest in well-designed, ergonomic pizza cutters for your kitchen.

Choose a pizza cutter with a strong, resistant handle that’s comfortable to use and a blade that cuts easily. The easier your pizza cutters are to handle, and the more durable their build quality, the more of an asset these humble accessories will be to your kitchen.

Most good-quality pizza cutters are made with stainless steel blades. This helps to prevent rust forming on the surface and ensures the pizza cutter lasts as long as possible. Look for pizza cutters with an anti-slip design to ensure they’re easy for your team to handle again and again.

All the pizza cutters in our collection offer a high build quality and great design. Specially selected for their quality and value, these useful utensils will help your kitchen to turn out perfect pizzas quickly and easily. Find out more, or start shopping for pizza cutters for your team, by exploring our range of high-quality products
Vogue Pizza Cutter
1 - 2 Days
Brand: VOGUE Model: URO D390
-Stainless steel rigid blade for cutting pizza in a single motion. Product features 125(h) x 520(w) x 1(d)mm.; Stainless Steel; Supplier Model Number 06093 Cuts in single motion. Weight 0.65kg ..
£25.97 Ex VAT £31.17 Inc VAT
Vogue Pizza Wheel 4in
1 - 2 Days
Brand: VOGUE Model: URO D396
-Large stainless steel wheel suitable for deeper products. Tough plastic handles available in coloured options for meat and vegetable use to prevent cross contamination. Dishwasher safe. Product features 102mm 4" Ø; Supplier Model Number 09573 ..
£5.33 Ex VAT £6.40 Inc VAT
Vogue Pizza Wheel Green 4in
1 - 2 Days
Brand: VOGUE Model: URO CC408
-Large stainless steel wheel cutter suitable for deep pizzas. Product features 4"Ø; Supplier Model Number 39618 Colour coded: green suitable for vegetables ..
£5.78 Ex VAT £6.93 Inc VAT
Vogue Pizza Wheel Red 4in
1 - 2 Days
Brand: VOGUE Model: URO CC407
Red stainless steel pizza cutter wheel. Product features 4"Ø; Stainless steel; Supplier Model Number 39617; Colour coded: red suitable for meat ..
£5.78 Ex VAT £6.93 Inc VAT
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