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Pots and Pans

If your business is cooking, then pots and pans are vital tools of your trade. Almost all western or European cooking relies on metal pots and pans to heat and cook food of all kinds. But not all pots and pans are created equal. Various design styles are suited to different types of cooking, with larger and smaller surface areas, high and shallow sides, big and small volumes – all made for different kitchen tasks.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that in a professional kitchen you need pots and pans made from high-quality materials. They will be used consistently and heavily over the course of any service. Boiling, frying, searing, sautéing and more, you need to be able to rely on your pots and pans to cook food quickly and consistently.

The frying pan is one of the most important pans in the kitchen, with a huge range of uses. Our selection of top-quality frying pans are made from heavy-duty materials with non-stick coatings for easy cleaning. They also come in a range of sizes, from large pans for mass catering to small individual size frying pans.

Saucepans are also vital to any kitchen. They’re used to boil, stew, sauté and more. The classic saucepan design is round with tall sides, helping to cook rice, pasta, soup or sauces. Plus, there is a choice of speciality saucepans such as milk pans and steamer pans.

Stock pots are high-volume pans suitable for making soups and stock. They need to be durable and flexible for a range of kitchen prep jobs. They’re large with high sides for containing hot liquids in a safe and secure way. The stocks and broths you can make in them can form the bases for other, more complex meals.

As well as frying pans, stock pans and saucepans, you might also need a selection of specialist pans. These are designed for specific tasks, such as making paella, or woks for oriental style cooking. You can also get pasta and frying basket pans which feature a main pan base with a basket addition that lets you drain food easily and safely.

With a range of pots and pans from a variety of brand names, made using the best materials, you can equip your kitchen with the means to prepare top-quality food. Whether you’re looking for an individual or speciality pan or need an entire pan set, we’ve got it all in stock.
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