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Kitchen Utensils

Every kitchen utensil, gadget or tool that we offer at Crown Supplies is designed to save you time, as well as maintain high standards of food safety and hygiene. No kitchen should be without the essential food preparation utensils, from whisks, graters, spatulas and spoons to mashers and ladles. At Crown Supplies, we have an extensive collection of these kitchen staples, and we’ve added a whole range of tools and gadgets to boost your choice of food preparation equipment.

From top brand names like OXO Good Grips, Dick & Matfer, Vogue, Le Buffet, De Buyer and Kristallon, our essential kitchen tools, utensils and gadgets will save you time in the kitchen and lift your culinary delights to the next level.

Whether it’s kitchen or sugar tongs, food turners or spatulas you need, we supply high-quality products in a variety of materials to suit your style of cooking. From light-weight whisks to heavy-duty mixing paddles at home in any commercial kitchen, choose your magiwhisk or balloon whisk in any length or material. No kitchen should be without cake slicers or pie lifters, not to mention egg or fish slicers. Our premium collection will ensure that any pie, cake, egg or fish you serve is delivered and presented without a crumb missing.

No kitchen can have too many spoons and at Crown Supplies, we’ve got the ideal spoon to suit every occasion. Highly versatile, hygienic and resistant to high temperatures, our stirring and serving spoons and spoonulas are available in several different materials, sizes and lengths. Complementing our range of spoons and spoonulas is our selection of ladles, spoodles, scoops and food portioners. Highly durable and colour-coded to avoid any cross-contamination, these kitchen utensils are ideal for controlling portion sizes and suitable for any food.

Every chef or home cook likes a gadget or two and we’ve got a comprehensive range of food preparation and cooking gadgets that you’ll want to take home. Get the most of fruit with our selection of hand-operated and mechanical juicers and fruit presses, guaranteed to save you time. Get Masterchef-quality smooth mashed potato, purées or sauces with our collection of mashers and ricers. There’s nothing better than fresh food produce and no kitchen should be without a pestle and mortar.

Ideal for any home or commercial kitchen, our selection of kitchen utensils, tools and gadgets are designed to help meet the daily demands of any busy kitchen. We have the perfect time-saving gadget, ingredient-crushing and mixing tool, or essential utensil that will turn your dishes into culinary delights.
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